Spring Music Evening

Music Evening “Spring. Music. Love. Wine”

Music Evening “Spring. Music. Love. Wine” – 4th of March 2018 at Balletera

Arthur Nikulin – Master of the Brussels Royal Conservatory performed for us the work of Ukrainian composer V. Barvinsky – “Love”

Another surprise of the musical evening in Balletera – a guy with a violin, who was met by chance in the woods at Maslenitsa. He just played great tunes for himself, for people around. His name is Zhenya. And it turned out that he still plays flutes and pianoforte!

And also: adults and children played on the piano. We listened to a flute, a violin, a piano with a violin blows. And of course, we were treated to delicious wine from Gosteria Hata Podoprigora!







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