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Music speaks loud. Dedicated to the People of the World

Just look around yourself… This is happening now all over the World during the last 3 years. Revolutions and Wars: Venezuela, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Libya , etc. As a result: people die, beautiful cities are destroyed, orphaned children, sadness, cry, aggression surround us, and constantly weapons are being improved to kill each other .
This music was sounding in my head, when in Ukraine, in mid-February, there was horrible violence against the people … I realized that this music You Have to hear. And see.
Revolutionary Revival:
The first part is the chaos, which generates a revolution or war.
The second part is the mourn for those who died as a result of them.
The third part is what has not happened yet. But we live in the third millennium. It is a new time, when the world renovates. And it comes gradually. After all, in fact every person has come into this life to be happy. Let’s start to create our own peaceful World! Inside us, near us, around us.
Freedom is not to destroy. But to create. And your Freedom begins from the creation of Yourself.

Composer: Svetlana Kulikova
Video: Konstantin Stepanenko

My heartfelt gratefulness to all who participated in the creation of the clip:
Artem Ponomarenko – «Folk Stars» Project Manager
Al’ona Kozyr – «Revolutionary Revival» Project Coordinator
Vladimir Filipchev – Light
Konstantin Geraskin - restoration and tuning of piano, Kamerton company
Julia Didenko – makeup
Tatiana Prodayko — hair-do .
Special thanks to Valentina Falkova, my teacher of composition art, for helping to develop and improve my talent of making music.

My first video. A forbidden Classic

And here is my unnamed melody,
Any suggestion for a good name is highly appreciated.
This composition came into being when some 10 years ago, being alone at home, in an inspirational moment I heard this music in my heart, I sat down and played it on a piano,  it took 3 hours to complete. Here it is: